An ecumenical ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison, Kansas

Celtic Pilgrimage
Sacred Journeys into Celtic Christianity

Pilgrimage to Scotland

May 15-26, 2017

There are places in the world where heaven and earth have touched, where landscapes and lives have been transformed. From time immemorial pilgrims have come to these places to be present to the sacred reality encountered there and to be changed. This pilgrimage is offered with that purpose and intention in a balance of journey, instruction, worship, and prayerful solitude.

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Celtic Pilgrimage
C/O Therese Elias, OSB
Peace House
3741 Forest Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64109

One of the purposes of pilgrimage is to enable us to become pilgrims in our own lives. Too many of us live our lives merely as tourists.
-Therese Elias, OSB


Here on the "Isle of the Saints," we will immerse ourselves in the Celtic legacy of Columba as we walk Iona's holy ground and pray in the great former Benedictine abbey church. Together with the members of the Iona community we will join in the prayer that has risen to God for hundreds of years from this sacred place. Accommodations at St. Columba Hotel.



From Iona we will journey through Highland mountain and Hebrides waterway, across causeway and highway, by coach and by ferry to Iona's mission, Holy Island. At Lindisfarne, like the residents who've dwelt there since before the dawn of history, we will settle into the rhythm of the sea. As the tides embrace the land, we will find the natural solitude afforded by being apart from the world's pace. Then, as the tides recede, we will enter into the new community that forms as visitors come from accross the sands. Our time on Lindisfarne will include pilgrim visits to Durham Cathedral and Inner Farne Island, Cuthbert's desert and a major nesting site for Scotland's seabirds.


We will spend a day visiting Durham, home of “the English people’s favorite cathedral.” This magnificent medieval structure is valued for its architectural splendor, but more for the fact that its massive stone vaulted ceilings have echoed the worshiping voices of monks, clergy and lay people for nearly a thousand years. We will pray at the tombs of Saints Cuthbert and Bede and join the Durham Cathedral choir for Evensong.